Varannan Vecka

A solution to simplify daily family logistics and to prevent conflicts.

Millions of households, worldwide, struggle with planning, logistics and communication with a coparent. Varannan Vecka is a child-centered, evidenced-based coparenting app, to counteract the fact of a 50% increased risk of children developing mental health issues in high-conflict parenthood.

  • Brand packaging
  • Business strategy
  • Consulting
  • Customer journey
  • inCore
  • Investor Deck
  • Keynote
  • UX

No child should suffer from the shortcomings of adults.

Every other week is a startup company that works for the benefit of children in separated families. TDA served as a strategic partner by mapping the customer journey for optimization of the user experience. We identified the user’s incentives and achieved contextual relevance, using our unique process model InCore®. TDA also acted as an advisor in packaging the company and brand to raise funding from outside investors. We worked directly with the CEO when we produced these Keynotes to use in their pitches.