Vår Gård

Making meeting a lifestyle choice

To increase conference and event booking at Vår Gård by adding a smooth experience and a sense of lifestyle. This historical place is taking a leap into the future and needed the customer experience too reflect that. We at TDA helped them rebrand to become a holistic brand for the future.

  • Branding
  • Business strategy
  • Customer behavior mapping
  • Design system
  • Graphic design
  • Product design
  • Target group analysis

We’re not just talking. We made Vår Gård market leader in online conversion.

The website reflects the new way of thinking were the human is center. It focus on delivering on the way we want them to feel before, during and after a stay at Vår Gård. All trough building excitement, clear and commutative information and smooth booking.

Increased booking frequency


Increased sales leads


Logo & Symbol

UI Colours