Partner Fondkommission

More than cold PowerPoints and Excel sheets

TDA created a consumer-adapted identity and evolved its services through digital transformation. Streamlined processes for partners and consumers, making them Sweden's leading digital service in insurance inventory.

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Future-proofing Partner Fondkommissions brand’s appeal for industry stakeholders and customers.

In a fiercely competitive industry, it is just as important to create attraction internally for the industry as it is for external customers. It is about the challenge of successfully attracting new talent, as well as retaining existing employees. At the same time, they want over two decades of success to be reflected in the brand with the goal of reaching new markets in terms of volume and international establishment.

TDA added storytelling to the brand. By dramatizing the stories behind the deals, the focus shifted from cold calculations and presentations to the customers’ personal motivation behind the deals. The transactions are presented cinematically to reflect the performance and impact of the client companies. It arouses curiosity beyond transaction volumes, it emphasizes purpose and meaning in client companies.