The insurance industry just became easy

TDA created a consumer-adapted identity and evolved its services through digital transformation. Streamlined processes for partners and consumers, making them Sweden's leading digital service in insurance inventory.

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Geared up for the digital age – streamlined processes for consumers and partners

Through digital transformation we have lowered thresholds, shortened decision processes and reduced the margin of human error. Through a digital onboarding partner process the sales force now works in a unified and simplyfied sales process, which enables a larger partner portfolio.

Cynk’s complex product has now become clear to the consumer who is guided systematically through the information flow so that the service is understood. It reduces the risk of regret and increases the understanding of the service value. Cynk now takes the pole position in the industry!

Cynk’s digital transformation has also made other stakeholders and target groups interested in the company and its services. By making the service more consumer friendly, unions and member organizations have joined the partner program to offer their members added value through Cynk. It has given Cynk expansion, business and revenue opportunities that were not previously possible.




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