A well-thought-out customer journey is more effective than advertising

A Customer Journey mapping is a way to create customer insight and see opportunities and challenges in the company's business model / service or offer.

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A well-thought-out customer experience is often more effective than covering a market with advertising. It should always be based on how the consumer moves through a process and requires that you observe the consumer and not focus on how you want the consumer to travel through phases.

The survey provides the opportunity to see where and how to meet the consumer in order to lead the consumer as effectively as possible towards the goal they desire. We make certain assumptions based on insights, customer behavior today and insights you as a company already have. The goal is to get as close to a correct reality as possible.

A customer journey must be seen as an ever-changing strategy that must be challenged. The customer journeys we produce are a document that in a holistic view visualizes the consumer's experience. In this way, everyone in the company can see and understand the entirety of the strategy. Something we know is crucial to creating an excellent customer experience.

InCore® is a mapping of the customer journey that ensures incentives, context and relevance<

Identify the incentives that motivate the customer and create contextual relevance.

The mapping can be offered as a printed (A1) and digital document (PDF) or in our digital tool inCore®.

In addition to the customer journey, we also recommend a roadmap. The roadmap identifies opportunities that exist, where the company can meet the consumer's needs and behavior. These touch points are defined as specific projects.

Together with you, the projects are then prioritized and we provide a basis for budgeting.